The purpose of Culture Shifters is to gather individuals that are not average or typical. This is a gathering of innovators and creators, those who are not satisfied with the status quo. The Purpose is to pour into these individuals so that they can go back into their spheres of life and be the shift in their culture whether that be in the workplace, marketplace or any environment whether secular or sacred- producing Jesus like character through their creativity.

Pastor John Hannah

Pastor Hannah is our founder and senior pastor. He's also an author, teacher, leader and husband to Anna Hannah for over 26 years. For 13 years, he hosted the “John Hannah Morning Show” on radio station Inspiration 1390 in Chicago which garnered him a Stellar Award in 2013 for Gospel Radio Announcer of the Year. Pastor Hannah is sensitive to the ills and the needs of Chicago and at the request of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, he serves on the Human Resource Board for the City of Chicago and the Civic Consulting Alliance for the Chicago Public Schools.

Dr. Jerome Gleen

Dr. Jermone T. Glenn is a progressive communicator, potential provoker, and people developer. He is a leader bringing consciousness to culture across spiritual, social, and secular realms to inspire transformation in the minds of people across the world. Jermone is a thought-architect building up churches, businesses, and individuals both personally and professionally. With over 25 years of leadership experience including pastoring, Dr. Glenn impacts the lives of thousands across the nation. He has shifted the culture of the church through illustrative messages, educational opportunities, leadership development, and mentorship modules. Dr. Glenn breaks the stereotypes of religion, advancing the kingdom of God. He bridges the gap in multi-generational environments teaching millennials how to thrive as part of the church. And now Dr. Glenn is teaching others how to do the same.

Dana Chanel

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